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1. Who are we? What's this site for?

These terms and conditions of use ("Terms of Use") regulate your use of the website ("Site"). This site is owned and operated by YOKVIEW (CHINA) COMPANY LIMITED, whose registered office is at Room 8-9, 5/F Goldfield Industrial Centre, No. 1 Sui Wo Road, Fotan, Shatin, Hong Kong. We can be contacted via our Contact Us page, managed by our Merchandisers. We use the site to promote and provide information on our products.

2. Who owns the content and material in this site?

All the information and designs on this site, along with any materials incorporated herein is the copyrighted work of Yokview®.All RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. 

3. What is Yokview® liability that may go wrong while I use this site?

We put a lot of efforts to try to make this site interesting and user-friendly, but we cannot guarantee that our users will always find everything in this site. Please read this disclaimer carefully before using our site.

You agree that you use of this site is at your own risk. Due to the number of possible source and information available, and the inherent hazards and uncertainties of electronic distribution, there may be delays, omissions, inaccurate or other problems with such information. If you rely on this site or any material available through it. You do take your own risk.

This site is provided to you as is, with all faults, and is available. This site, Yokview® cannot and do not warrant the absence of defects the accuracy, completeness, currentness, non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the information available through this site. Nor do they guarantee that this site will be error free, continuously available, free of viruses or other harmful components. For example, we cannot guarantee that they appearance and colours of our products published on the site, as shown on your monitor, will correspond to the actual appearance of products.

To the maximum extent permitted under the applicable law, under no circumstances shall Yokview® not responsible for any damage arising out of the use of the information contained in this site, including, without limitation, loss of profit, business, data and third parties' claims.

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